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About Us

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movie are an inseparable part of our lives. They have the power to move and inspire us. Some movies  are so beautiful that they really touch our heart. They help in refreshing our mood. Hindi movie  are the most popular means of entertainment in India.
Apart from Hindi movie , the site equips you with a complete array of other subtitle consisting of Marathi, Kannada, Telugu and Punjabi english movie 
 Additionally, we offer you the latest Bollywood news, information about Bollywood film awards, top ten Hindi film songs, top ten Hindi-pop songs and many more. We have made searching for your favorite songs easy by creating an organized list of lyric categories.
www.hindistoryclub.com provides you with the most comprehensive of Hindi movie  The sole intention behind the creation of this site is to offer you a spectrum of lyrics from old and new Hindi movie  including subtitles of movie  from regional movies. We have an ample collection of lyrics from all Hindi movies and albums which you can browse through by title, artist and category. The site makes it easy for you to find and enjoy the lyrics of your favorite movies Hindistoryclub.com gets updated daily as we add more than 10 movies  every day to our site.

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